About Us

For Over than 31 years, Al-Amin has been Egypt’s Expert in the field of office and banking equipments. Across Egypt over 300 personnel, with over 21 business partners deliver technology and solutions that provide security, productivity and innovation to our customers.

The company is committed to the highest ethical standards and compliance with legislation and to be a fair employer wherever we operate. As a responsible organisation we maintain a disciplined approach to our corporate governance and operate to the optimum professional standards in all aspects of our business.

Al-Amin will always seek to provide a safe and productive work environment where all employees can grow and be challenged. Wherever we operate our objective is to contribute actively to the community and the local environment. An intrinsic part of our business philosophy across our product and service offerings is to be consistently environmentally responsible and to continue to improve our performance across all environmental issues wherever possible.

A global business of over 300 personnel, operating from more than 29 cities including over 200 service and support staff and 21 business partners Al-Amin delivers cash handling solutions on every continent, wherever money moves. 

With over than 10,000 customer granted across 29 cities Al-Amin continues to innovate and deliver solutions from a portfolio of technology and services

Al-Amin has 7 main branches in which we thrive to paramount;

  • Banknote Cycle
  • Coin Cycle
  • Electronic Payment (24/7 even during the revolution)
  • Time and attendance
  • Cheque book issuing
  • ID and Card Business
  • Security

 Banknote and Coin Cycle

            Today, cash is the most in demand payment instrument on the planet. As a result of centuries of global economic development, cash has emerged as the most sophisticated and secure transaction method. Whilst the use of new payment technologies rises and falls, cash is used by billions of people every day, leading to an ever-increasing demand for efficient cash handling solutions. 
For organizations of any size that handle cash, ensuring it is efficiently managed, secured and accounted for are of paramount importance. The effects of inefficient cash management can be costly, yet the returns from its expert management highly beneficial. 
Al-amin continues to innovate and deliver solutions from a portfolio of technology and services which includes:

• Cash Dispensing and Recycling

• Banknote and Coin Handling

• Self-Service Solutions.

• Integrated Technology (OEM)

 Electronic Payment

For over 6 years, Al-Amin has delivered the perfect combination of ease-of use and high performance, building a reputation for delivering consumer friendly, highly secure and innovative payment solutions that quite simply, ‘get the job done’.

 Today, we are the no.1 player in the secure electronic payments industry by market share. With over 11 thousand terminals deployed across 29 ccities, we are the first choice for retailers, banks and payment service providers wishing to assure payment; increase their service offerings and revenues at the Point of Sale; and secure their businesses against changing consumer behavior and an increasingly complex financial environment.

Security, Performance and Innovation 

Delivering the very latest security certified and high performance electronic payment solutions and the widest range of value added services, Al-Amin is shaping the future direction of the payment solutions market.

Offering Revenues that go ‘Beyond Payment’

Offering the complete global solution, Al-Amin takes banks and businesses ‘beyond payment’ by unlocking powerful customer intelligence from each and every transaction to enable the creation and delivery of a host of unique and differentiating new services - securing brand loyalty and increasing business revenues. 

Tackling the global challenge - with confidence

As the market leader in payment terminals, with over 300 employees and a commercial presence in 29 cities, we understand the challenges and opportunities of operating in a local/global community. In so doing, we are able to take the pain away from the customer by providing the knowledge and managed services to eliminate the complexities of operation across borders to deliver global reach while guaranteeing local service.


We understand local customs and customers, we talk their languages, and crucially, we play an active role in advising on domestic and international financial regulation. And the result? Massively reduced cost and complexity of technical implementation, integration and service deployment anywhere in the world.


Our clients trust us to help build their businesses in domestic markets, and rely on us to take their payment ability, and their brand, global.