Company Overview

AL Amin Technological Systems was found in 1980 under an old name “Al Amin Company (Eng. Hesham & Tarek Abdel Rahman Amin)”.  In 1998 the statue of the company was then changed to become an Egyptian Shareholding Company “Al Amin Technological Systems”.

Al Amin is one of the leading Egyptian establishments that is specialized in the field of office and banking equipments.  Our authorized capital amount is over 50 Million Egyptian pounds while its invested capital amount is approximately 20 Million Egyptian pounds, which shows the stability, solidarity and credibility of our company.

Al Amin Company offers different machines that can fulfill the different needs of different clients and customers. We provide security printers, cash sorting equipment, software solution, Cash counters, Coin Counters, banking equipment credit card imprinters, time and attendance products, security gates, document shredders, and is a leading manufacturer of plastic cards either master cards or Visa cards.

Al Amin is the sole & official agent of various different Global Companies who are specialized in handling a complete thread of Office and Banking equipments.

Our Partners in Success:-

  • De La Rue Processing Solutions Ltd. (UK)

  • Glory (England/Japan)

  • KOA (Japan)

  • HSM (Germany)

  • Musashi (Japan)

  • Laurel Bank Co. LTD (Japan)

  • Scan Coin (Sweden)

  • Rototype (Italy)

  • Ranger (USA)

  • Ingenico (France)

  • Acroprint (USA- Japan)

  • Coper (Taiwan)

  • Fattori-Safest (Italy)

  • Vaccumatic (UK)

  • El-Metal Corporation (Greece)

  • Future Card (Dubai)

  • Seetech (Korea)

A Wide range of such machines are being serviced across almost all the banks, throughout Egypt. The highly advanced technology of these machines besides the available facilities and quality performance, offers the clients to get exposed to the newest concepts and techniques. 

The working force of ATS includes the following:-

1- Maintenance Department:

 Our Maintenance department includes about 300 field Service Engineers and Technicians who are dedicated to each product line. We have central workshops throughout Egypt located in the following Governorates:Ismailia, Shebin Elkom, Zagazig, Alexandria, Mansoura, Portsaid, Fayoum, Menya, Hurghada, Assiout, Qena, Luxor & Aswan.

These workshops hold stocks of spare parts to guarantee the availability of any item required to cover the warranty periods and after sales technical support. 

Our highly qualified expertise in electronics and communications take progressively a great responsibility for the client’s care in a supervised environment.

2- Sales Department:

Our Sales Department is rightly recognized as one of the major departments of our Organization. The involvement and support of its employees are the keys to the company’s success. This department’s main goal is to cover all the market needs.

It includes around 20 sales representatives who are clever, skilful and have great experience in their career. These representatives main concern is to gain the satisfaction, trust, and friendship of our customers. Their goal is to search for the needs of their clients to make sure that they receive the best options, the best service and a high quality performance.

The Sales representatives work hard to examine the requirements and demands of the customers in which they are interested. They also do their best in order to increase the company’s sales from one time to another.

3- Administrative Department:

Our Administrative department has around 20 employees who are committed in providing the administrative infrastructure to support the pursuit of excellence & innovation in sales and other revenue generating points.  They mainly work to achieve a smooth yet successful running of the business on a day-to-day basis.

4- Accounting Department:

Our Accounting department includes around 25 employees. It is considered the backbone of the organization as it provides the means for tracking activities and measuring results. This department’s representatives maintain all the records of the company’s transactions, prepares balance sheets, income flow statements, cost management, and investment planning & analysis.

5- IT Services Department (Information Technology Department):

Al Amin Company has built up its own global team of IT developers and Hardware engineers who provide our customers with the best technical solutions.  Our global team of engineers, developers, and consultants are hand-in-hand at each stage of the process starting from the system design and specification right through to integration, implementation, and training.


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