Partners In Success

1)      De La Rue – UK

De La Rue works with banks around the World to provide currency solutions. It sets the standard for desktop banknote processing, offering comprehensive detection performance and the productivity ensured by its proven banknote handling capability.

2)      Glory Global Solutions – England/Japan

Glory Global Solutions is the world’s leading cash technology Solutions Company. Operating across the financial, retail, cash centre and gaming industries, businesses in more than 100 countries rely on their solutions to enhance staff efficiency, reduce operating costs and enable a better customer experience.

Glory Global Solutions, formed in 2013, combines the former international businesses of Glory and Talaris.

 A global business, headquartered in the UK, Glory Global Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of GLORY Ltd.

3)      Scan Coin – Sweden

Founded in 1966, it is a leading supplier of cash processing equipment, system solutions and services.  Scan Coin develops, manufacturers and markets equipment and integrated solutions for handling banknotes and coins.

4)      Laurel – Japan

Laurel has been the World’s vanguard in developing the industries latest technologies that have contributed greatly to the efficiency and progress in cash handling operations worldwide. 

5)      Coper – Taiwan

Established since 1987, is a leading and professional manufacturer of time records in Taiwan. Coper’s electronic time record contains an analog display to indicate time and an auto detection correct side of time card for printing.

6)      Fattori-Safest – Italy

The first Italian manufacturer of perforating and embossing machines established in 1885.  Fattori-Safest are manufacturers of manual, electric and electronic machines.

7)      Future Card – Dubai

An International corporation, expert in design, manufacturing and customization of all types of cards, from the most basic plastic cards to the most advanced smart cards.

8)      Vacuumatic – UK

It is the World leader in paper counting technology.  Vacuumatic supplies state of the art equipment to the security and commercial print sectors, converters and paper mills.

9)      Rototype – Italy

A Leading Company in the production of machines and systems for office automation and for the treatment and imaging of coded documents.  It provides machines for personalized cheques production, cheque processing system and image processing systems.

10)  El Metal Corporation – Greece

El Metal Corporation has been in the imprinting industry since 1968.  It has developed not only the production and marketing of credit card imprinters but also accomplished the core competency of optimizing each component with the highest engineering standards.

11)  Ingenico – France

A Leader provider of payment solutions with over 15 million terminals deployed in more than 125 countries.  It has a completely new range of payment terminals that is intended for all traditional sales segments and all vertical markets.

12)  HSM – Germany

Established in 1972, it has gradually grown and became active around the world. Its specialty products include an impressive range of optical and digital media destruction products providing a complete end-to-end solution to your security and destruction needs.

13)  Ranger – USA

Provides the most dependable products in the security industry.  Ranger security and loss prevention detectors are used throughout the World.

14)  Acroprint – USA

Acroprint has maintained a tradition of manufacturing and distributing accurate, reliable and affordable time and attendance products. 

15)  KOA - Japan

Since 1983 KOA dedicated to offering machines of the highest quality and performance

KOA have mastered both the art and science of currency processing.  The art is the development of innovative solutions to unique problems.  The science is the creation and utilization of state of the art technology to implement these solutions

16)  Zebra – USA

Provides the broadest range of innovative technology solutions to identify, track and manage the deployment of critical assets for business efficiency. Its core technologies include reliable on demand printers, software and hardware solutions.

17)  Musashi – Japan

Established in 1946, provides the automatic bunding machine and currency counter which counts all kinds of notes with high speed. 

18)  Kaixun–China

Kaixun provides money detectors that can simply and efficiently identify the forged money. 

19)  Qsys – Korea

Provides an excellent waiting environment with more upgrade service to the customers.

20) Seetech – Korea

Seetech is the unique technology, provides the highest value to customer through pride of products, solid trust with the customer, endless innovation and challenge, seetech is leading the future of banking machine as the leader.