CDM 2000
CDM 2000

CDM 2000 - Self Service Cheque Deposit Machine

The CDM 2000 is a self service equipment developed to be installed at the lobby of the bank to allow the deposit of cheques in a simple, secure and quick way. The customer puts his cheque in an automatic feeder and, following simple instructions displayed on the monitor, performs the deposit. A receipt containing the images of all the cheques and the information on the transaction is printed to the customer.

* The most important features of the CDM 2000

- The deposit transaction is collected in real time by the bank
- The customer has a receipt with all the images of the cheques deposited, that is the proof of the deposit.
- The customer can digit the account number and the total amount of the deposit.
- The bank stores all the code lines and all the images of the cheques processed.