Future Card

FutureCard is an international corporation, expert in the design, manufacturing and customization of all types of cards, from the most basic plastic cards to the most advanced smartcards. While digitalized data replaces paper formats, sustaining trust is a key issue. Both card issuers and cardholders require reliable products in order to operate safely in our efficiency driven world. FutureCard’s achievements have turned into the substantial assets we are proud to put at your service:


• 1,000 customers in 80 countries

• 250 committed professionals from around the world, including marketing and sales staff, engineers, technicians and customer service personnel

• Constantly updated state-of-the-art products and services

• Production plant located in dubai, equipped with the latest generation of machines and software

• Regional sales offices and a large network of partners around the world

• Fast growth since 2002, with a constant increase of revenue every year, and an average of 75 million units marketed every month