Vacuumatic Ltd., UK, is the market leading manufacturer of paper counting, batching and tabbing machines. Our equipment is sold worldwide to Security and Commercial Printers, paper manufacturing facilities and converting companies. We have been in the business of paper counting for over 50 years and our client list includes almost every Banknote and Security Printer in the world.

At DRUPA 2008 we launched a complete new generation of single and twin-headed paper counting machines. These units – Super 30 and Vicount 3 - are the only machines of their kind that are available with either Pin-&-Blade or Disc counting technology, to suit the widest range of applications and client demands. We also manufacture the Count-S optical counting system, specifically for security and credit card production, as well as a wide range of tabbing and web marking units to suit the commercial and label printing industry, papermakers and converters.

In Egypt, Vacuumatic is proud of its long association with Al-Amin Technologies, whose team continues to successfully promote our products as our exclusive distributor.