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Al Amin Technological Systems S.A.E

Al Amin Technological Systems was founded by Mohamed Amin in 1980. It specializes in the sales and after sales services of banking and security products. The company represents various first class international brands that offer high quality products and solutions, competitive market prices, and high quality after sale service.

Al Amin Technological Systems achieved huge market share and long standing relationship with various customers throughout the Egyptian market. It is now involved in every aspect of the monetary cycle representing the top international companies in the field of banking equipment, security products, e-payment devices and solutions.

Al Amin Technological Systems offers a variety of machines that cover a wide range of money handling, processing equipment and payment solutions for banks, financial institutions and vertical markets. We provide security printers, cash sorting equipment, software solutions, cash counters, coin counters, banking equipment, time and attendance product, security gates & document shredders.

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